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Our smart engineering enables you up to 70% cost reduction.

Iskra ISD develops and produces advanced components with state-of-art technology and innovative hybrid solutions for your product needs. With our systematic and fully transparent engineering process, we can enable clients up to 25% weight reduction through material optimisation and geometry redesign and up to 70% cost reduction through the use of new materials and process integration.

We are internationally renowned for our innovative design solutions that enable achieving technically and economically feasible hybrid products. Our hybrid solutions result in smaller components, which offer more assembly space, less components and only one final assembly tolerance for the entire product. If you demand high-quality components with improved durability, reduced process costs and less components on a customer assembly line, Iskra ISD is the right partner for your business.

Hybrid Solutions - Insert & Outsert Moulding

Hybrid Solutions - Insert & Outsert Moulding

Aluminium & Plastic

The perfect fusion of HPDC and injection moulding technologies in one location. We can support you from initial component development up to automated serial production.

Iskra ISD is a known expert in High Pressure die casting and Plastic injection moulding. Our KNOW HOW allows us to offer customers development of solutions where different material properties can be combined in one component – a Hybrid component. Such solutions create great customer value, such as cost and weight reduction, simplified assembly and complexity reduction. And the most important aspect is that you communicate with only one supplier.

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Zinc & Plastic

Combining zinc and plastic into one component leads to cost reduction, better assembly features and functionality benefits.

Combining a very rare technology on the market with plastic injection moulding is very challenging. Why? Because you are combining completely contradictory properties in a single component. On one side, Zink offers good electrical conductivity, perfect thermal conductivity, high density, high Young's modulus and high mechanical strength. On the other side, Plastic is a good electrical insulator, offers good thermal insulation, low density, Low young's modulus, good chemical resistance and great design freedom.

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Shafts & Plastic

The world is changing. Electro connectivity is a booming market. Electrification is the future. You can find our electro solutions in different industry sectors. In pumps, oil mist separators, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Deep drilling, grinding - centre or centreless, knurling, milling, gear hobbing, induction hardening - technologies for which Iskra ISD is the perfect partner for you. With different materials such as free cutting steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and titanium. To protect shafts against all environmental impacts, plastic injection moulding with PA, PPS, PBT, etc. is the easiest solution. We prefer process automatization, where we are able to achieve sustainable quality, repeatability and cost-effective solutions.

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CNC Machining & Plastic

Do you know a way to introduce cost savings? We do. Simply make the switch from metal to plastic. Your design will offer the same technical specifications because it is reinforced with metal inserts.

All metal parts like sleeves, inserts, etc. can be overmoulded with plastic. Due to several technologies which we have under one roof, we can first protect metal parts with surface treatments (Zn or ZnNi electroplating, Ni electroplating, Sn electroplating, Zn phosphating, Cu electroplating, chemical polishing, passivation - brass and copper). And then all those CNC machined parts can be overmoulded with different technical granulates (PA66, PBT, PPS, ...)

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Ball Bearings & Plastic

Over 2 million and counting ball bearings bonded with plastics each year. It can be done with overmoulding or press-fit technology; Iskra ISD is the right partner for you.

Our strong focus is Plastic ball bearing overmoulding. You can find our products in the automotive industry, logistic industry, furniture industry, etc. With our R&D Know How, we can support our partners in product development and product optimisations, and with mouldflow analyses, we always find the best method of processability. Our vision is that products are automatically manufactured and 100% quality checked.

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Stamping & Plastic

Overmoulding is the process of moulding plastic onto metal components. A part is engineered to fit into a steel mould to allow plastic to be formed around the part, creating a strong bond between the part and the overmoulded plastic and eliminating the need for assembly. With overmoulding, you can improve the functionality, look and bond strength of your product while saving time and reducing costs.

With preselected suppliers, Iskra ISD ensures a simplified supply chain. As one of our core businesses, we propose innovative solutions in the earliest phase of part design. Our engineers will lead you through all phases to final product feasibility. With total process automatization, our service is long-term sustainable.

Our solutions can be found in the Heavy duty industry, Heating Industry, Electro industry, Automotive Industry, etc.

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Fine Stamping & Plastic

Our strategy is to offer hybrid components that are made from injection moulded materials combined with precision stamping metal parts or functional components. The kinds of products you can find in mechatronic products, sensors, pumps and actuators in different industries.

Our service includes cooperation from the beginning from proto samples to the technology concept proposal (mechanical construction, simulation, prototyping) and further on from validated technology solutions to industrialization. We can support you with different injection moulding solutions with thermoplastic and thermoset materials.

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PCBA & Plastic

PCBA's are manufactured naked. Overmoulding electronic assemblies provides users 100% protection against the harshest environments. Our primary goal is to determine the absolute best way to encapsulate your connector or PCBA.

But the main advantage is that our company has Thermosets technology, which is used for PCBA overmoulding. Thermoset encapsulation replaces housings, potting, conformal coating and capillary underfill in one overmoulding step. The advantages include: resistance to technical fluids, dust and UV, chemical resistance, temperature resistance in the range -40 to 280˚C, thermic conductivity 0.5 - 10 W/mK, good electrical insulation, possible to achieve complex shapes and thin walls, great connection with metal/PCBs, etc.

Our solutions can replace standard processes in the electronic industry, capacitor industry, HI FI industry, Automotive industry, etc.

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Sensors & Plastic

Low pressure injection moulding with this new generation of high-performance thermoset materials enables encapsulation of some of the most sensitive devices and can provide high reliability for just about any sensor type.

Granulate material temperature and chemical and moisture resistance, combined with excellent adhesion properties, allow sensors to be placed into many different applications and environments. For example: if you require high IP level sealing, this technology is the most reliable, because these materials provide proven long-term reliability, quality and customer design solutions.

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Stator or Rotor & Plastic

The technology for fusion stamping of parts with plastic is quite new. It can be used for products in the automotive industry, HVAC and the Power tools industry. BLDC motors are used for all three.

There are huge advantages of overmoulding insulation in comparison with standard paper insulation, e.g. having only one tool for complete rotor or stator stack insulation, greater thermal conductivity, material and process cost reduction, easier stator/rotor winding and much more. Iskra ISD offers in house tool design and manufacturing and process automatization.

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