We manufacture turned components and shafts for various applications and for our loyal customers from all over Europe, China and the USA. Our products are present in the automotive industry, electrical industry, medicine, hydraulics, e-mobility and many more.

We use different materials such as automatic steel, brass, copper, aluminium, inconel...

We are able to produce components from a diameter of 0.9 mm to a diameter of approx. 40 mm and a length of 400 mm, grinding up to a diameter of 65 mm.

We combine several technologies such as turning, drilling, straightening, rolling, knurling, grinding, gearing, induction hardening, surface treatment…




Shafts are needed in various applications in automotive and other industries. We are producing shafts for oil-mist separators, electro-motors, power tools, driving systems, for stator and rotor stacks…

Several technologies are combined: grinding, induction hardening, straightening, rolling, knurling and gear hobbing.

  • Diameter from Ø8 up to Ø 40 mm, grinding up to Ø65 mm
  • Length 400 mm
  • Deep drilling up to 20D
  • Fine grinding with tolerance up to 4µm
  • Milling of complex shapes
  • Hard turning
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Shafts for oil mist separators

Oil mist separators are used in trucks and personal vehicles, and they contribute to a cleaner environment. Shafts are mostly produced in medium & high-serial volumes and in different materials, such as free cutting steel and stainless steel. The grinding of the shafts is important to achieve the requested tolerances and is important for us to have fully automated processes with 100% quality control.

Some of the shafts are overmoulded in our plastic division.

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Shafts for electro-motors

  • Combination of several technologies (Turning, milling, knurling, gear hobbing, heat treatment, grinding, straightening)
  • Low/ medium/ high volumes
  • Applications: CNC machinery, industrial vehicles, hydraulics, …
  • Fine turning of the conus with tolerance up to ±0,1°
  • Hard turning
  • Roughness up to Ra 0.1
  • Turning of quenched and hardened materials (bars) up to 40HRC
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Shafts for power tools

  • High precision gear quality
  • Technologies: broaching of shapes
  • Low/ medium volumes
  • Applications: power tools for cutting, drilling, grinding, mixing, polishing, saws…
  • High precision grinding
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Parts for CNC driving systems

  • Materials: brass, copper
  • Technologies: turning, drilling, threading, surface treatment
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Shafts for stator and rotor stacks

The turning division is in close cooperation with the plastic division. Shafts for rotor and stator stacks are produced in house and overmoulded with plastic.

  • Materials: steel for heat treatment (16MnCr5)...
  • Low/ medium/ high volumes
  • High tolerances
  • Deep drilling – up to 20xD
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