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With us, you will find customer specific assemblies such as pre-assembly or final product assembly, manufactured on manual assembly stations or on semi- and fully automated production lines.

For more than 70 years, we have been Iskra’s integrated supplier for single components or even complex purely mechanical and electromechanical assemblies made of plastic, metal and outsourced components.

Additionally, our core competence is now sustainable development of HYBRID components, which combines more component into one whole, so our customers benefit on the sourcing side – one supplier and in terms of internal assembly costs.




Our services start with consulting, co-development, design and construction, followed by our own toolmaking and custom-made machine design as well as assembly of simple or complex assemblies.

Iskra ISD is making assemblies in accordance with our customers’ individual specifications from internally manufactured metal and plastic injection-moulded parts, overmoulded – HYBRID components and electronic components (e.g., hall sensors) to create complex pre-assemblies of final assemblies in lot sizes ranging from small to high-volume production batches.

On the assembly lines, we link individual components and final assemblies, which then undergo an EOL test cycle (leakage testing, mechanical, electrical, function tests, etc.) according to individual product requirements.

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Iskra ISD currently manufactures pre-assemblies for use in industries such as:

  • Household appliances
  • Heavy duty
  • Automotive
  • 3D printers
  • Textile
  • Logistic
  • Medicine and others
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Iskra ISD Group

Jaka Toplak, Sales and marketing director
T +386 41 506 532

Plastic injection moulding & Assembly

Nuša Race Horvat, Sales manager
T +386 4 20 76 810

Aluminium HPDC

Anja Bitenc Jenko, Sales manager
T +386 31 307 883

CNC turning & Grinding

Matej Pilar, Sales manager
T +386 4 20 76 893


Maja Trelc, Sales manager
T +386 51 441 721

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