Aluminium casting

We are an international developer and manufacturer of high-pressure aluminium die-casting and hybrid components.

More than 75 years of professional experience combined with state-of-the-art production solutions ensure customer-oriented solutions.

All aluminium alloys used are recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly, and we do follow reduction of CO2 emissions.

Aluminium casting

Aluminium Casting

Tooling design in R&D phase and our solution

Modern Magma soft simulation as well as advanced CAD engineering and analysis methods are used in our in-house departments.

With our own and external experienced toolmakers, we ensure that the effort required for correction and coordination is kept to a minimum right from the design phase.

With such an approach, we ensure comparable quality of products throughout the whole range.

Iskra ISD focuses on four main product groups.

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Machined die-casted parts

Our first product group represents machined parts. With machining, we provide high speed, high accuracy and high repeatability, with firm delivery dates.

Thanks to the newest four axis milling centres with automatic tool changers and other automated CNC machining features, we’re able to improve efficiency, machine the most complex parts and cope with a whole variety of types.

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Die-casted parts with plastic over-moulding

The second segment of products represents HPDC aluminium parts with additional plastic over-moulding, which is all done in-house. With the fusion of both technologies, we provide more demanding and more functional product to our customers.

Combining different components requires various levels of knowledge and experience in complete manufacturing processes, and this we have carefully acquired during our long presence on the global market.

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Die-casted parts with inserts

In our product portfolio, you can also find parts with inserts. In this segment, we overmould aluminium over a different metal insert.

We invest a lot into this process, as only automation provides us process stability when inserting inserts into the tool, and consequently we avoid worker mistakes.

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Die-casted parts with additional surface protection

Our last focused segment represents products with additional surface protection. We provide solutions where the product is at the end protected with either anodization or cataphoresis.

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