The main goal of the project is to develop the smart clamp iThor ("intelligent Tool holder"), which enables the measurement of cutting tool wear through the use of artificial intelligence. The project aims to reduce waste in turning operations by at least 20% through the use of the iThor clamp and significantly contribute to the transition towards a greener, more digital, and more resource-efficient economy.

The purpose purpose of project is development of so called iThor smart clamp, which utilizes artificial intelligence and its innovative design to enable tool wear measurement in serial production, for:

  1. Increased productivity, reduced non-quality costs,
  2. Facilitating the digitization of the turning production process and the use of predictive analytics,
  3. Contributing to a 20% reduction in waste, thus reducing raw material consumption,
  4. Reduced consumption of environmentally harmful substances, contributing to the transition to a green economy, and
  5. Competitive advantage and increased value added per employee.

In the field of research and development of artificial intelligence and intelligent sensor design, the iThor project has the potential for at least 2 patent applications and is at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5 at the beginning of the R&D project. The project's goal, which will last for 24 months, is to develop a final electro-mechanical product that will be launched on the market under the brand name "iThor" at the end of the project.

Project Title: Smart Clamp of the Future: Development of the iThor Smart Clamp for Tool Wear Measurement with Artificial Intelligence

Consortium: Iskra ISD d.o.o., SkyLabs d.o.o.
Project Duration: 2.11.2023 – 1.11.2025

  • Total project value: 576.071,28 €
  • EU co-financing value: 261.047,97 €

Funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU.

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