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Development of innovative laser microstructuring technology for joining of lightweight hybrid components in combination of materials metal + polymer.

The purpose of the project "Development of innovative laser microstructuring technology for joining of lightweight hybrid components" is:

  1. Green transition of the automotive industry, which is one of the main CO2 emitters (transport sector causes 30% of all CO2 emission in EU) through design of hybrid automotive components with 10% weigh reduction.
  2. Increase in recycling rates of the hybrid automotive parts.
  3. Reinforcement of the position of R&D supplier through the innovative and patentable technology.
  4. Development of the innovative process suitable for serial production of hybrid components with higher energy and material efficiency, contributing to lower CO2 emissions.

Main objectives of the project are: Technology enables 10% weight reduction in hybrid components for automotive industry. The process of joining through laser microstructuring is 50% more energy efficient, 10% more material efficient and emits 50% less CO2 emissions. Automatization and robotization of the process with development and implementation of digital twin. Technology enables joining combination of materials: aluminium and TPE, aluminium and polyamide, steel and TPE, steel and polyamide. Technology enables recycling of all materials/components that the hybrid product is composed of (no adhesives used). Technology enables serial production of hybrid solutions with higher added value.

Project is divided into 3 main parts:

  1. Development of the microstructure on the surface of aluminium and steel obtained through laser structuring.
  2. Development of the injection moulding process optimised to the joining technology.
  3. Development and production of the laser system suitable for serial production of hybrid components with innovative laser microstructuring technology.

Project title: Development of innovative technology for joining "Lightweight" products with laser microstructuring
Tender title: "INCENTIVES FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS NOO" (abbreviation of the public tender: "JR RRI NOO")
Consortium: Iskra ISD - Plast d.o.o., ISKRA PRO Kranj, d.o.o.
Financial data:
• Value of the entire project: €992,665.12
• Estimated value of co-financing: €248,166.26

Funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU.

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