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As a large manufacturing company, we decided to make ourselves more accessible to work with. Among us, we are wish to encourage »startup energy« when solving challenges, and for this purpose we established micro-department called ISD Realize.

ISD Realize helps individuals and companies manufacture, fast. Let's realize your idea, prototype or a product at scale like a start-up. The website is intended for anyone who could need some help with technical and production-oriented processes, and we are here to help you achieve success of your startup. We understand that openness and cooperation are key.

We invite all companies and individuals who have an idea, prototype, concept or already validated product - to realize their idea in our production capacities:

We offer help in modeling, computer simulations, prototyping, product development and know-how in product optimization. Cooperation also means access to supply and sales chains, quality management, tool construction, project management, process automation and support in our own laboratory. Of course, ideas include not only semi-finished products and products, but also service and process improvements.

We are looking to cooperate with Individuals (Scientists, Researcher, Professional / Entrepreneur, Hobbyist) and Organisations (Start-up, Research institute, School / College / University, Small / medium size company). We want to be part of success stories.

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Letak A4 ISD Realize


Iskra ISD Group

Jaka Toplak, Sales and marketing director
T +386 41 506 532

Plastic injection moulding & Assembly

Nuša Race Horvat, Sales manager
T +386 4 20 76 810

Aluminium HPDC

Anja Bitenc Jenko, Sales manager
T +386 31 307 883

CNC turning & Grinding

Matej Pilar, Sales manager
T +386 4 20 76 893


Maja Trelc, Sales manager
T +386 51 441 721

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