There had been some great presentations related to ISD's strategic Research fields & HYBRID components :
➡ Fusion (bonding) of materials with no chemical adhesion
➡ Development of new materials
➡ Development of new surface coatings

MAHLE: Lightweight camshaft module
Transformation of components from metal (aluminium) to plastic with emphasis of cost saving and lightweight goal

INSTITUTE OF POLYMER TECHNOLOGY, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: Integrative Manufacturing of Thermoset Hybrid Components
Hybrid components enable properties that cannot be generated by one material alone
SCHAEFFLER TECHNOLOGIES: Hybrid rotor shaft e-motor
Metal-Thermoset-Joints in highly loaded components

KTP, Universität Paderborn: Influence of process control on bond adhesion in multi component injection moulding of granular thermosets with elastomers
Superposition of the cross-linking reactions to form a high adhesion force
Usage of chemical resistant thermoset polymer with excellent mechanical and thermal properties

At the exhibition area we had interesting discussions with material suppliers: Bakelite, Synthetics SBHPP, RASCHIG GmbH and Duresco GmbH

CONCLUSION: ISD has right strategic direction to FUSE our wide range of different TECHNOLOGIES and materials into HYBRID SOLUTIONS

Thanks to Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid GmbH for organizing conference and exhibition under 2G+ COVID conditions.

Well done!
See you again in May 2023.




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