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Fusing expertise to solve complex tooling challenges

Iskra ISD offers full-service tool design, which comprises planning, designing, developing and analysis of hybrid tools, materials, methods and procedures necessary to increase manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

From project & quality management, development & automation processes and laboratory tests to the serial production of the products. We take care of supply chain management between businesses and locations, which includes the movement and storage of raw materials, of work-in-process inventory and of finished goods.

Tool design

Tool Design

In-house design and development of tools mean an advantage that enables rapid adjustment when designing innovative thermoplastic, thermoset or aluminium products

Development of the components is based on our broad technological know-how, and Moldex 3D or Magma Soft simulations provide us the best possible starting point for tool design and innovative tooling concepts for prototype or serial tools.

Our highly qualified design engineers align tool design in cooperation with the R&D team, project management and the process technology department. They take into consideration all aspects of product design and features to achieve the best balance between tooling costs, tool lifetime, manufacturing stability and service requirements.

Tooling engineers work with common software programs such as Visi and Creo to ensure a seamless link from product design to prototyping and the tool shop.

Project management

Our project management team guarantees smooth implementation of your product into serial production

At Iskra ISD, project management is the key link between customer, sales, product development, purchasing and quality assurance from the beginning up to serial production in order to fulfil customer specific requirements.

Project management processes are implemented according to ISO standard IATF 16949.

Our project management team is involved already during the RFQ phase, but extensive and systematic work starts with customer nomination. There is a kick-off meeting, where 2D drawings, 3D data, an initial feasibility study and special characteristics are re-checked, and all of the main milestones such as FOT, PPAP date and SOP are aligned.

All activities and timing of the project are defined according to APQP in iqs software such as Flow, FMEA, QP and others.

A dedicated project leader coordinates all the activities to finalise the project on time and receive final customer approval with confirmed PPAP documentation.

Our skilled employees take care of registration of the products and entry of all relevant information about product composition into the International Material Data System (IMDS) unified global database.

Project management

Quality management

Certified quality, systematically and methodically supported through the iqs CAQ system

The iqs CAQ system was introduced in 2021 to support our quality assurance and project management process. The system ensures the consistent and modular implementation of all project and quality management related process phases from planning to documentation and enables process monitoring.

Our quality management system follows the ISO 9001ISO 14001IATF 16949 standards and in the metrology and testing laboratory the ISO / IEC 17025 standard.

For Iskra ISD, product quality is a principal factor for business success. Therefore, the company develops and manufactures its products according to the zero-defect-strategy and permanently strives for the highest quality targets. To meet the continuously increasing demands and standards, Iskra ISD constantly expands and enhances the knowledge of our employees to seek continuous improvement in the process and to control and optimise the quality of our work.


From initial samplings up to series measurements, process analyses are carried out with very modern optical and tactile 3D measurement equipment in climate-controlled measurement laboratories on machines such as:

TESA Micro-Hite 3D 4.7.4
DEA Global Silver Performance 7
DEA Global Silver Performance 9
Hexagon Global S Green DC241

Scanner Aicon 3D Neostereo
OGP Smartscope Flash CNC 200
OGP Smartscope Flash CNC 300
MAHR MarForm MMQ 400

The testing laboratory is accredited by the Slovenian Accreditation according to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard with accreditation number LP-126.
Quality management - Measurement lab



Measurements on a three-axis measuring machine with a touch sensor probe.


Corrosion tests – salt spray test according to ISO 9227 NSS.

The accreditation scope can also be found on the Slovenian Accreditation website at this link: ATTACHMENT


In addition to accredited testing procedures, we also offer non-accredited testing based on our internal laboratory procedures using various measuring machines:

  • Measurements on a three-axis measuring machine with optics.
  • Measurements on a three-axis optical machine – 3D scanner (based on structured light principle).
  • Measurements on a three-axis optical machine – CT (industrial tomography).
  • Volumetric depth irregularities or porosity of products on a CT machine.

The laboratory for non-accredited testing also ensures traceability of measurements according to national standards using measuring equipment regularly calibrated in external accredited laboratories.


Our technical cleanliness analyses of components follow VDA 19 or ISO 16232 standards.


To ensure customer zero PPM targets or capability to perform on-line production measuring, we are developing automatized measuring and visual control devices for each dedicated component.

Quality management - Other measurement processes


  • Contour, roughness and hardness measurement
  • Spectrometer for material analyses of aluminium alloys
  • Viscosity measuring device
  • Leakage tests with air or gas or even manual bubble leakage testing with water
  • Surface tension
  • Tensile and pressure tests
  • Plastic moisture analysis
  • Calibration of measuring equipment is performed in our ISO 17025 accredited lab


XRF analysis system for advanced layer-thickness measurement and material analysis of surface treatment up to 30 microns in thickness.


The X-ray machine provides our casting team a permanent record of the casting’s porosity and enables traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

At the same time, we also use the competencies of external institutions and partners. Our internal or external state-of-the-art analysis and measurement processes guarantee the absolute reliability and quality of the materials or products we develop and produce.
Our quality assurance is monitored regularly through internal and external audits.

Process development & Automation

The internal competence of process development and automation enable high-volume manufacturing with premium quality

With the acquisition of Iskra PRO, Iskra ISD manufacturing processes are now professionally supported through all stages of a project: at the beginning with an idea and the design, development and construction, through to the initial operation, testing, validation and production.

Iskra PRO is a specialist in the design and production of highly intelligent production solutions as well as customised assembly systems: production and process automation, assembly systems, control devices such as visual check and leakage testing and also with turnkey solutions.

Internal development of special equipment for EOL such as LIN, HAM, optical-machine vision and dedicated electronics.

Process development and Automation

Serial production

All the work done before the zero-production batch is the guarantee of serial production without stress for us and our customer

Serial production

Serial production and assembly with a high quality level and on-time deliveries can only be ensured through our excellence in the development stage and adequate engagement of the project management team in tool concepts and process development.

On our modern and partially linked production lines, we produce technically sophisticated plastics and metal components or even bonding metal and plastics without chemical adhesion into HYBRID solutions.

All production processes are continuously developed towards manufacturing digitalisation, as that is currently considered as an important competitive advantage. Therefore, Iskra ISD introduces new technologies such as AI tools, IIoT, new connectivity standards, advanced analytics and robotics. However, future manufacturing transformation goes beyond tools and technologies; it combines people, processes and things.

Supply chain management

Our colleagues in purchasing and logistics play an extensive role in securing on-time incoming materials and deliveries of final products according to customer demands

Supply chain management at Iskra ISD is a critical competence, therefore we address the following segments with great care.

Raw materials procurement

Our strategic purchasing aims to gain the best suppliers, strives for continues improvements and secures raw material deliveries according to customer forecasts.

Out-sourced components for further assembly

Assembled products have outsourced components, which Iskra ISD procures through preselected local suppliers with a suitable quality level or purchases through the customer’s preselected vendors.

EDI system

It is in the common interest to work paperless, without errors, and therefore Iskra ISD strives to establish Electronic Data Interchange with each customer.


Our target is to trace all processes from procurement of raw materials to production and warehousing and up to dispatch, enabling us to clarify when and where the component was produced and by whom.

End-customer packaging

Each component produced at Iskra ISD must be evaluated as a single case to select the best possible packaging to ensure quality and on the other hand to be cost effective.
The ability to integrate the packaging process with plastic trays and blisters or disposable packaging into our automized manufacturing process provides the greatest cost benefit for our customers.


Our warehouses operate with a modern warehouse management system (WMS) to be able to implement call-off deliveries, consignment stocking and JIT or KANBAN deliveries.
Iskra ISD’s logistics support guarantees worldwide delivery in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Supply chain


Our professional associates in the lab support production processes through cleanliness analyses, calibration of measuring devices and gauges and much more

The laboratory is accredited by Slovenian Accreditation according to the ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 standard with accreditation number LK-020.

We regularly maintain the system to satisfy the requirements for calibration laboratories in accordance with the standard, which is demonstrated at regular audits performed by Slovenian Accreditation.

The quality of the laboratory services is assured not only by the accreditation but also by permanent comparisons made between laboratories at the national and international levels.

After each calibration, the calibration certificate is issued to comply with the requirements of the standards and your specific requirements.

Technical cleanliness analyses

In the field of testing, the laboratory performs an analysis of technical cleanliness according to the ISO 16232 and VDA 19 standard for Iskra ISD products or even external customers.

When performing the technical cleanliness analysis, the mass of impurities is checked and the largest particles and number of particles are determined; these are then divided into classes and compared with customer requirements. The content of metallic and non-metallic particles and fibres can also be checked.

Laboratory analyses

Calibration by accredited procedures (scope of accreditation LK-020)

Dimensional Quantities:

Length gauges:

  • Gauge blocks
  • Gap gauges

Length instruments:

  • Vernier calliper gauges
  • Dial gauges
  • 2-point micrometres
  • 3-point micrometres
  • Instruments with dials (thickness, external, internal)
  • Height gauges (in-lab & on-site calibrations)

Thread quantities:

  • Thread plug gauges
  • Thread ring gauges
  • Thread tapered plug gauges

Angle gauges:

  • Squares 90°


  • Ring gauges
  • Plug gauges

Coordinate measuring machines (2D):

  • Profile projectors (in-lab & on-site calibrations)


Mechanical instruments:


  • Torque wrenches
The scope of the accreditation can also be found on the website of Slovenian Accreditation - follow the link: ANNEX

Non-accredited calibrations

In addition to calibrations according to accredited procedures, we also offer non-accredited calibrations according to our internal laboratory procedures for various types of length gauges.

The Laboratory for non-accredited calibrations also provides measurement traceability according to national standards, using measuring equipment that is regularly calibrated in external accredited laboratories.

Laboratory services

Additional laboratory services

  • Measurement of thickness of electroplating coatings with an X-ray unit
  • Roughness measurement
  • Measurement on a tool microscope
  • Measurement on the optical measuring devices
  • Adjustment of gap gauges
  • Servicing of measuring equipment
  • Rental of control equipment

Resolving Complaints

In the event of a certificate complaint or complaining about a laboratory service, please contact the e-mail address:

Any appeal regarding the services of a laboratory or a notice of irregularities in the quality system is considered responsibly, and we will provide an appropriate solution in accordance with customer expectations.


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