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Tool manufacturing

Clients with new product ideas can rely on us: we develop and manufacture tools as needed. Depending on the component, our tools meet every specific requirement with maximum production output and quality assurance.

Moulding tools are manufactured in our own tool-shop as well as in collaboration with pre-selected local partners, based on the experience and know-how of Iskra ISD engineers.

Tool Manufacturing

Iskra ISD's core tooling knowledge and experience are in metal overmoulding – HYBRID's and the technically most demanding components.

Tool Manufacturing

Tools for plastic injection moulding and aluminium high pressure die casting

Our internal tooling shop, with its state-of-the-art machinery, CAD-CAM solutions and experienced, dedicated employees, plays an important role in our overall success.

We are the competent partner for our clients when it comes to the production of complex tools for our core technologies – plastic injection moulding and aluminium HPDC.

Tools from Iskra ISD are long-lasting high-performance tools with dimensional accuracy and reproducibility.

Coordinating our development with the tooling shop and production at an early stage ensures the smooth processes that our customers value so highly. After talking through the design engineering process across all departments, the critical tool parts or even complete tool are produced in house, to protect our customers and our knowhow.

In our novel production, we not only produce the most sophisticated tools but also repair your tools and manufacture highly precise spare parts.

Tool manufacturing

Iskra ISD Group

Jaka Toplak, Sales and marketing director
T +386 41 506 532

BU Plastic injection moulding & Assembly

Nuša Race Horvat, Sales manager
T +386 4 20 76 810

BU Aluminium HPDC

Anja Bitenc Jenko, Sales manager
T +386 31 307 883

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Matej Pilar, Sales manager
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Maja Trelc, Sales manager
T +386 51 441 721

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