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Process automation

Whether a simple feeding station or modern linked robotized handling systems, we design economically sustainable systems for each dedicated manufacturing process.

Our objective is to develop and optimize internal production, to increase efficiency, reliability and profitability and to create a competitive advantage for ourselves and our customers.

Process automation

Iskra Pro's innovative automation solutions are our sustainable competitive advantage during the most complex HYBRID component production processes.

Process automation

Iskra PRO is specialist in the conception and production of highly intelligent production solutions as well as customized assembly systems

Our sister company Iskra Pro is specialized in:

  • Production and process automation,
  • Assembly systems,
  • Control devices and
  • Turnkey solutions

Iskra Pro is ensuring professional support to Iskra ISD divisions through all stages, beginning with the design, development and construction and through to the initial operation ramp-up and production.

Process automation

Idea & Solution

Project team presents ideas with first budget proposal.

Nomination & Project schedule

Project plan is determinated and preparation of documentation follows.

Construction & Simulation

Robot and movement simulation; construction check and final 3D model confirmation.

Production & Assembly

Standard parts purchase; Manufacturing of special parts; mechanical and electronics assembly.

Testing & Validation

Software implementation; Validation of process and compliance check.

Installation & Service

Installation and personal training, following process observation and service.


Iskra ISD Group

Jaka Toplak, Sales and marketing director
T +386 41 506 532

Plastic injection moulding & Assembly

Nuša Race Horvat, Sales manager
T +386 4 20 76 810

Aluminium HPDC

Zoran Oprin, Sales manager
T +386 4 20 76 870

CNC turning & Grinding

Boštjan Zupan, Sales manager
T +386 4 20 76 765


Sandra Šimic, Sales
T +386 30 703 707

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