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The year 2015 was a turning point for ISD Strugarstvo. Due to the growing need for the manufacture of shafts and grinding of other turned components, we decided to take over the company Hrovli gredi, which at that time was specialized in the manufacture of shafts and grinding. Even today, we do business with all customers from that time and expand the range of products with new partners. We are developing new technologies and investing in highly productive grinding machines and their automation. We are present in the automotive industry, hydraulics, hand power-tools ...

We achieve grinding tolerance up to 2 microns and roughness up to Ra 0.3.


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Centreless through grind up to ø20mm x 300mm

Quantity: small to large volumes

Highest productivity

Centreless form grind up to ø12mm x 150mm

Machines: CNC grinding machine MIKROSA – fully automated cell with 100% control before and after grinding, degreasing and manipulation

Quantity: Large volumes
Highest productivity

100% control

Center - form grind up to Ø40mm x 300mm

Machines; KIKINDA 300, KIKINDA 500, KIKINDA 600, KIKINDA 700
Quantity: small to medium volumes

100% control

Validated sub-suppliers for small volumes, investments in case of large volume


Control and measuring

During the production process, our employees perform process measurements in our measuring cells, in accordance with the control plans, thus ensuring the quality of the manufactured items. For most of our high-volume products, we provide 100% control on our optical devices, which we adapt to our products and needs. Laser and vision-based sorting machines are important for our business, so we invest in those on a yearly basis.

Products that cannot be inspected optically or the quantity is too small to invest in a control device are inspected manually. We also inspect items for which the visual appearance is important or could be damaged during the production process manually.

Our quality department prepares measurement reports, PPAP documentation and other reports at the request of our customers. We manage non-compliances with 8D reports and action plans and make sure that errors do not recur.

We are able to offer the purity analyses in our laboratory. Purity requirements in relation to components are increasing in order to minimise the risk of breakdowns or reduced efficiency.

Our products are controlled with:

  • Contour
  • Roughness measurement device MarSurf
  • Laser measuring of diameters
  • Measuring device for measuring all geometry tolerances MAHR (straightness, cylindricity, flatness, parallelism, roundness, cylindricity, run-out, coaxiality, conicity) with motor-driven CNC centring, tilting table and tailstock option
  • Micro-meters

Iskra ISD Group

Jaka Toplak, Sales and marketing director
T +386 41 506 532

Plastic injection moulding & Assembly

Nuša Race Horvat, Sales manager
T +386 4 20 76 810

Aluminium HPDC

Zoran Oprin, Sales manager
T +386 4 20 76 870

CNC turning & Grinding

Boštjan Zupan, Sales manager
T +386 4 20 76 765


Sandra Šimic, Sales
T +386 30 703 707

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