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CNC turning

Iskra ISD is a well-known and one of the biggest suppliers of turning parts in Slovenia, with more than 70 years of experience. Our employees are professional and able to develop the optimal production technologies and offer our partners the best solutions. A wide range of raw materials, high quality products, own maintenance department, own manual- and optical control, more than 70 turning machines, flexibility with quantities and deliveries, clean production sites and the ability to invest in new projects, these are just a few of the most important advantages of our company.

Our partners come from all over the world and from different sectors of industry. Long-term partnership is what we aim for.

CNC turning

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CNC turning

Single spindle machines

More than 60 different single spindle machines are running in our production three shifts/ day:

multi-tasking machines for products up to Ø40mm x 50mm (Nakamura, Miyano) and

single-spindle lathes for products up to Ø20mm x 100mm (TORNOS, MAIER, MANURHIN).

They are appropriate for small and medium volumes and for production of turning parts and shafts for different industries: automotive, electro, household appliances, logistics, power tools, hydraulics, medicine, robotics.

The products are made of different materials: free cutting steel, brass, copper, aluminium, inconel…

We use quality cutting tools and oils and take care of regular preventive maintenance, while our experienced operators take care of the quality of the manufactured products.

Single spindle machines

Single spindle multi-tasking machines up to: Ø40mm x 50mm


Materials: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Case hardening steel
Quantity: small to medium volumes

Single spindle lathe: up to: Ø20mm x 100mm (Swiss type)

  • TORNOS DECO, GT, EVO DECO (The most productive and powerful machines on the market)

Materials: Free cutting Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminium
Quantity: small to medium volumes

Multi-spindle machines

Our high productive multi-spindle machines are dedicated to medium- and high-serial products for the automotive industry, e-mobility, logistics and other sectors. We have 6- and 8- spindle machines TORNOS and SCHÜTTE for production of parts up to diameter Ø20mm, all with CAM operated CNC lathes.

We use different materials, mostly free-cutting steel, stainless-steel and brass. For the highest level of flexibility and safety, we use identical machines and make sure our employees have the highest possible knowledge to operate them. Our Maintenance department takes all measures to ensure that our machines are in good condition for the highest efficiency.

8 - spindle TORNOS MULTISIGMA up to: Ø20mm x 90mm

6 - spindle TORNOS MultiSwiss / MULTIDECO up to: Ø20mm x 90mm

CAM operated CNC lathes

Identical machines for the highest level of flexibility

Materials: Free cutting steel, brass, stainless steel
Quantity: middle & large volumes

Rotary transfer machines

Rotary transfer machine with 16 stations is used for producing high serial volumes in short cycle times. During one cycle, sequential machining operations are performed simultaneously on the workpieces. As the indexing table turns, the subsequent machining operation is repeated on the workpiece, which was just machined by the previous station. Rotary transfer machines are commonly used for the mass-production of metal parts in the automotive industry and for pneumatic and hydraulic fittings. Rotary transfer machines can generally cope with all standard machining operations like turning, thread rolling, drilling, 100% control of the hole, etc.

Material: Free cutting Steel
Quantity: high volumes


16 stations, included 100% control of hole

Deep drilling

Deep hole drilling differs from normal drilling; our machines can achieve up to 250 mm of length with only one clamping.

Depending on the drilling process and the drilling diameter, cooling lubricant must be pumped to the cutting edges in large quantities and under high pressure (up to 150 bars). This ensures good cooling and at the same time good lubrication of the contact areas between the workpiece and the cutting edge of the tool on the one hand and the workpiece and guide pads of the tool on the other. 

up to 150 mm with only one clamping

Materials: free cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminium

High pressure cooling up to 150 bar


The accuracy of the product depends on cleanliness of the product as well. Sometimes some particles can be found on components, so they need to be degreased and washed, and we see our degreasing machine as a big advantage. Different programmes of degreasing enable us to satisfy our customer’s demands.

Heat treatment & surface treatment

A lot of our components need heat or surface treatment to achieve the demanding technical requirements of the products.

We have surface treatment in house, and we are able to treat the parts on racks and in barrels. The most common treatments are Zn and ZnNi. We also offer Ni, Cu and Sn electroplating, chemical polishing and passivation. For all other technologies, we use our best and validated local sub-suppliers.

Heat treatment is usually used for shafts. It involves the use of heating or chilling, normally to extreme temperatures, to achieve the desired result such as hardening or softening of a material. Heat treatment techniques include annealingcase hardeningstrengtheningtemperingcarburizing, normalizing and quenching. For heat treatment process, we use best and validated local sub-suppliers.

Gear hobbing and knurling

We can offer involute and spline gears from Modul 0.5mm up to 2mm. For internal gears for smaller quantities, we use validated sub-suppliers; in case of bigger projects with higher volumes, we invest in our own machines.

Knurling and rolling of threads are mostly needed on shafts, axes and housings. Motor shafts are normally produced with helix/ diamond knurl or straight knurling.


Straightening is an important process in shaft manufacturing. Especially after the heat treatment, the shafts bend and need to be aligned. The machine measures the straightness of the shafts first and makes corrections if needed. The process is automatic.


Laser marking

Laser marking can be offered and managed internally by our turning machines or by our validated external suppliers if needed.

Control and measuring

During the production process, our employees perform process measurements in our measuring cells, in accordance with the control plans, thus ensuring the quality of the manufactured items. For most of our high-volume products, we provide 100% control on our optical devices, which we adapt to our products and needs. Laser and vision-based sorting machines are important for our business, so we invest in those on a yearly basis.

Control accuracy depends on the type of device and cameras – nowadays, we can manage ±1.5µm and can control diameters from 0.5mm up to 40 mm.

Products that cannot be inspected optically or the quantity is too small to invest in a control device are inspected manually. We also inspect items for which the visual appearance is important or could be damaged during the production process manually.

We also perform input control of products after surface or heat treatment as well as input control of basic materials.

Our quality department prepares measurement reports, PPAP documentation and other reports at the request of our customers. We manage non-compliances with 8D reports and action plans and make sure that errors do not recur.

We are able to offer purity analyses in our laboratory. Purity requirements in relation to components are increasing in order to minimise the risk of breakdowns or reduced efficiency.


To optimize the costs, our customers trust us with the assembly of turning components; sometimes additional parts can be added (seal, rubber…). We are combining turning parts that are produced from different materials as well.

Documented traceability

It all starts with the traceability of raw materials. After input control, they get a traceability number and a green sticker to confirm the required quality. Traceability is continued with the production orders through all production processes, all the way to the issued invoices upon deliveries of the items.

Prototyping and sampling

We help our customers to develop the product and technology, optimize the costs and select the appropriate materials – at the beginning of cooperation or during the already running business.

We provide measurement reports, calculations, feasibility analyses…

We make sure we have enough alternative material suppliers to avoid possible risks and to maintain the best possible prices on the market. Tests of different materials can be performed on request.


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