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Iskra ISD also handles assembly and continuous components processing, which reduces our customer’s lead times and provides the advantages of our broad internal technology availability along the entire process chain for the customer’s benefit.

We design and build manual or semi-automated assembly stations and fully automated assembly production lines that include screwing, press-fitting, ultrasonic welding, printing, etc. with intermediate and final EOL inspections or product testing. Our devices are supplemented by comprehensive monitoring sensors.


At our automated and semi-automated production lines, assembly is carried out in accordance with product requirements to ensure a minimal error rate, zero-defect strategy.

Assembly parts

Manual assembly

Basic manual assembly stations are dedicated to some products with lower annual quantities. We offer to our customers pre-assembly and final assembly and OEL is done at the customer’s facilities. With reducing logistic costs and our assembly capabilities, we help to reduce the total manufacturing cost of our partners.

Semi-automated assembly

Projects with combination of low and high-risk components or even risk of human mistakes, our proposal is to implement semi-automated assembly with some quality control monitoring sensors.

Automated assembly

Do you have product to assemble more than 5, 7, 9 or even 11 components? The collaboration between Iskra ISD and Iskra Pro can solve numerous industrial challenges and design dedicated, fully automated assembly lines that run continuously, including in-line quality controls like vision or leakage tests or functional tests (100% camera inspection, 100% component monitoring, 100% functional testing and packaging station of manufactured assemblies).


Iskra ISD Group

Jaka Toplak, Sales and marketing director
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Plastic injection moulding & Assembly

Nuša Race Horvat, Sales manager
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Aluminium HPDC

Anja Bitenc Jenko, Sales manager
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CNC turning & Grinding

Matej Pilar, Sales manager
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Maja Trelc, Sales manager
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