Aluminium high pressure die casting

With innovative expertise and modern production technology, we are a leading international developer and producer of High Pressure Die Casting and Hybrid Components. We design production solutions for the challenges of the future.

We provide complete engineering and manufacturing solutions to our customers through the collaboration of world-class knowledge, expertise and technology.

In the area of overall production, both in the foundry and in mechanical processing, we place great emphasis on process automation and the integration of sequences of operations.

Higher levels of automation lead to higher quality, repeatability, productivity and safety. The operator places greater emphasis on product quality through a prescribed control plan and ensures a safe and orderly workplace.

Aluminium high pressure die casting

Our goal is to optimize the final product in a variety of key areas, including: Power; Heat transfer; Aesthetics; Weight; Dimensional tolerance; Extended tool life; Cost efficiency

Aluminium high pressure die casting

We are here to meet your requirements and provide you with die-casting aluminium with a significantly shortened cycle time and first-piece success

Depending on the complexity and function of the product required, we can select the appropriate casting technology, which is made possible by our modern HPDC machines.

In addition to modern HPDC machines for the standard die casting process, we also offer the latest supporting technologies to meet the high-quality requirements of the customer.

In the solidification process, we use JET COOLING core cooling technology, which ensures a higher quality of machined holes and threads in the subsequent machining and has a direct impact on the service life of the moulded parts on the die.

For castings with uneven wall thicknesses, where porosity requirements are high, we use SQUEEZE PINN technology. This process mechanically influences the critical area of the casting by hydraulic compression during solidification, when the third casting phase is taking place.

On simpler castings, which do not have high walls and thin ribs, we use MICRO SPRAYING technology in conjunction with efficient water temperers. This technology allows us to cool the tool more actively through cooling channels and to shorten the lubrication cycle. Tool life and the associated regular maintenance are extended by at least 50%. This technology also contributes enormously to a cleaner environment in the production area and beyond.

Alumnium CNC machining

Advantages of working with aluminium alloy

With a specific gravity of about 2.7 g / cc, aluminium alloys are among the lightest weight structural metals. Due to economic costs, metals are popular for die casting. In fact, most die castings worldwide are made of aluminium alloys.

Aluminium alloys typically include six other elements: silicon, copper, magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc. Each affects the metal independently and interactively. Common aluminium alloys that we use here are 226, 230, 239, 231 and Silafont ...

Aluminium metal castings are known to withstand the highest operating temperatures and are extremely lightweight. In addition, there are some amazing properties of aluminium that make it the most suitable choice, such as:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Great strength and rigidity
  • Significant power to weight ratio
  • Exceptional protective properties of EMI and RFI
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Strong final properties
  • Perfect recyclability

Our services:

  • Drilling and engraving
  • Trimming
  • Manual grinding
  • Robotic grinding
  • Trovalization
  • Sandblasting
  • CNC machining
  • Assembly
  • Anodizing (external service)
  • Cataphoresis (external service)

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