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Our core values

To achieve the constant excellence of our products and services, we integrated 4 core company values into every step of our workflow.

Our 4 core values help us to build, sustain and grow our company culture. These values are our fundamental beliefs that our employees and teams live out day to day.

Collaboration: we are Iskra ISD, one team.

  • Encouraging open communication aimed at finding solutions.
  • Sharing knowledge and good practices.
  • Strengthening partnerships with other organizations.

Innovation: more knowledge for development.

  • Encouraging the collection of ideas and suggestions among all employees.
  • Introducing new technologies and new ways of doing things.
  • Looking for inspiration in new trends, trade fairs and partnerships.

Satisfied customers: doing our best.

  • Respecting agreements with customers and implement them consistently.
  • Building partnerships and long-term relationships with our customers.
  • We are responsive, we care about feedbacks.

Entrepreneurship: bravely taking on new challenges.

  • Constantly looking for new business opportunities in all areas.
  • Courageously and ambitiously setting our goals and striving to realize them.
  • Not being afraid of changes and turning challenges into opportunities.


Good reasons for joining us

  • Distinctive culture

    We are building a community of diverse professionals, implementing, stimulating and promoting core company values to create and maintain a distinctive and remarkable company culture that benefits our employees.

  • Career development

    With our continuous business and professional growth, we enable excellent opportunities for personal growth and career development in very diverse professional fields. A career at Iskra ISD opens the door to a global international market with unlimited opportunities for ambitious and talented professionals.

  • On-boarding & Training programs

    We offer effective on-boarding and training programs, so our new trainees, employees and colleagues don't have to worry what, when and how to learn the special and specific skills that are needed for achieving success at a new workplace.

  • Mentoring process

    During their professional career, we enable our employees a formal mentoring process. Our professionals are guided by experienced mentors that share expertise, technological know-how, knowledge and best practices. Our own mentoring process is a significant element of our innovation and generosity culture, which enables continuous distribution of added-value knowledge between employees, teams, departments and companies in the Iskra ISD group.

  • Engaging young generations

    With our apprenticeship programs, student work and professional scholarships, we make it easier for young people to move from classrooms to the work environment. We make a lot of effort in introducing the huge potentials of hybrid technologies for the future for a more sustainable world and engage younger generations to dedicate their studies and work to the development of globally-beneficial hybrid technologies.

Discover the team spirit of Iskra ISD

Statements of our employees, students, trainees and apprentices

Iskra ISD is an export-oriented company which offers lots of opportunities to gain knowledge and skills needed in the global market. It supports personal and professional development. The company's concern for employee satisfaction is at the highest level.

Nuša Race Horvat


I became acquainted with many advanced technologies at Iskra ISD. The company's innovative culture provides an excellent opportunity for my professional and personal growth. I gained a detailed insight into many production technologies and gathered experience from various fields. The company is truly development-oriented and invests in industry 4.0.

Miha Oblak

Project management

Iskra ISD always strives for improvement and development. Working here brings me many opportunities to acquire new knowledge and tackle challenges with the use of the latest technologies. As a mentor, I am proud to share my expertise to younger colleagues.

Urh Perne


Our goal is smooth and successful cooperation with customers. To achieve it, we always focus on teamwork in logistics, make quick & smart decisions and never forget about accuracy.

Bojana Đurić


I believe we can overcome any obstacle with good relations between co-workers. Confidence in our skills and abilities is only a halfway to achieving our goals.

Anže Terlikar


I'm a shift leader in foundary and my job is to control the work process. My role offers me exciting challenges and personal satisfaction as a mentor to new employees.

Jernej Homar

Shift leader

It is a great pleasure and responsibility to cooperate in ensuring safety and health at work and taking care of a clean and safe environment.

Mateja Gaber

Safety at work

In our department, we design solutions for complex challenges in connection with technology and production daily. We are an indispensable link between customers and suppliers. With dedicated teamwork we achieve better efficiency and satisfaction, higher productivity and easier implementation of our ideas into practice.

Eva Gašperlin

Quality management

I have applied for my apprenticeship at Iskra ISD for several reasons: excellent opportunities for gaining first-hand professional experience and great company culture with friendly employees who always offer their support when you need it.

Nejc Strman


I like my work on the electroplating line, as there are great co-workers and we help each other. The electroplating business unit strongly focuses on process reliability and product quality, therefore we are finding solutions together.

Srđan Blašković



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